Sacred Geometry – Trinity 08

Another Trinity - this time interlocking two designs together. It's interesting that I should start with an equilateral triangle as my first sacred geometry work [...]

Sacred Geometry – Trinity 05

Exploring more complex sacred geometry now. This image seems to be associated most with the trinity it is widely used in religious art. I'm amazed [...]

Sacred Geometry – Trinity 03

Another trinity - this took a while to create as you have to do each part in steps removing the negative shape from the positive. [...]

Sacred Geometry – Trinity 04

Exploring the Trinity some more. It's interesting when you are building this geometry to see other sacred geometry formed within the shapes. There is the [...]

Sacred geometry – Valknut 02

Really like this geometry. There are other versions of the valknut but they don't interlink in the same way that this one does. This way [...]